The Mountain Games (The After)

45 Minute Campground Commutes

The road to get to our original campsite was closed so our “FREE” camping plan failed miserably due to an insane snow year. A few awesome locals recommended “Blodgett” campground off of Homestake Road, which turned out to be a great option…What they did not mention was that the road was being resurfaced and that would result in 45 minute trips each way to and from Vail.

HM_PROFESSIONAL_KyleLedeboer_MountainGames_Day102857 1.jpg
Screenshot 2019-06-09 21.30.36.png

Parking Lot Shenanigans

We made coffee and hot chocolate in the JetBoil, dried out our wet tent and fly fishing waders, were gifted HUGE blocks of watermelon, ghetto rigged our solar panels to the roof of the Subaru using bike locks and paracord…all atop Lion’s Head parking garage in Vail.

“Doggos” and their “Hooomans”


Samantha smuggled handfuls of doggo treats into the hipbelt pockets of her backpack for easy access to bribe canine friends. By the end of the games, even I was saying “doggo!” every time we’d pass a doggo. I made a bet with Samantha that when I win the GoPro Mountain Games photo contest, we could get a doggo…but I didn’t say when so joke’s on her.

How NOT to Treat your Camera Gear

I got a little carried away shooting the mud run and decided to be a part of it. I finally got to really put Fuji’s “Weather Resistance” to the ultimate test.


20,000 Steps to Dehydration

High altitude meant less atmosphere between us and the sun. T-Shirts in the sun and puffy jackets in the shade…plus miles of walking from one end of the event to the other led us to become super dehydrated, Samantha’s Apple Watch racked up 20,000+ steps and 9+ miles a day.

Where’s the ATM?

You would think that at an event of that size and with what seemed like hundred of vendors with ‘cash only’ booths that there would be more than one ATM in the vicinity…oh yeah, it didn’t work either.

Free Samples

Redbull…lots of Redbull, Stinger waffels, HighBrew coffee, Isopure, Stranahans Whiskey, hats, doggo treats (for smuggling of course), t-shirts, socks, VitaCoco, Wild Tonic - all kinds of samples to keep us caffeinated, smiley and functioning.