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Our trip, Finally in full swing

Post Mountain Games, we made our way towards Denver, but then found ourselves opting for a detour over Guanella Pass, eagerly searching for a campsite. (unsuccessful, yet again) Our trip into the city was prompted by a few of our gear sponsors, Kokopelli Packrafts, and Niner Bikes. Zachary at Niner gave us a full tour of their awesome facility in Fort Collins and helped us get fitted on our matching Jet 9 Carbon RDO mountain bikes.

If you guys saw from our instagram stories, we inflated our pack-rafts, one Nirvana, and one Rogue, (both with spray skirts) for the first time in Alex’s front yard, while she gave us a run down on the proper setup, maintenance, and storage.

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The Mountain Games (The After)

45 Minute Campground Commutes

The road to get to our original campsite was closed so our “FREE” camping plan failed miserably due to an insane snow year. A few awesome locals recommended “Blodgett” campground off of Homestake Road, which turned out to be a great option…What they did not mention was that the road was being resurfaced and that would result in 45 minute trips each way to and from Vail.

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The Mountain Games (The Before)

We’re currently here in Vail, Colorado gearing up to shoot the Go Pro Mountain Games (formerly the Teva Games) and we are both currently feeling a bit under the weather. After a failed attempt to reach our free campsite (due to a closed forest service road) we opted for booking a hotel for a few days to rest up before the games.

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