The Mountain Games (The Before)

Screenshot 2019-06-05 13.27.57.png

We’re currently here in Vail, Colorado gearing up to shoot the Go Pro Mountain Games (formerly the Teva Games) and we are both currently feeling a bit under the weather. After a failed attempt to reach our free campsite (due to a closed forest service road) we opted for booking a hotel for a few days to rest up before the games.

We found out this morning that our camp sleeping set up with our incredible self inflating mattress from Exped, and our two person sleeping bag from Big Agnes, actually gives us a better nights sleep than our hotel does, which is disheartening considering that our hotel charges $33 for “mandatory” valet and then goes on to charge $18 for oatmeal…(Tivoli Lodge) Though we prefer to sleep out in nature away from those who prey on tourists, a few nights indoors is just what the doctor ordered.